Review for the Spring Final

Finals are next week. If you haven’t already done so complete your study packet and bring it to the final. Study guides can be downloaded here.

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Biome Foldable Project

Day 1 – learn as much as you can about all 8 biomes including something about its climate, countries, latitude, plants and animals. Take notes, print pictures and cut out images.

  1. Artic and Alpine Tundra
  2. Taiga
  3. Grassland/ Savanna
  4. Temperate deciduous forest
  5. Tropical rain forest
  6. Tropical Savanna
  7. Desert

After you have read all of the resources about your biome, decide  what to write in your foldable.

Day 2 –  Complete your own foldable with the information about: plants, animals, climate,latitude & location, and other interesting facts. BE CREATIVE!!! Draw or print  pictures for each biome.
Start here for an overview of your Biome:
Biome interactive Map

Here are useful links for doing your research:
Blue Planet Biome
Missouri Botanical Gardens
Physical Geography – Biomes
UC Biomes
Enchanted Learning – biomes

Need more images? Try looking here:
Arctic Tundra
Mid-Latitude Deciduous Forest
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Savannah

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Welcome to AIS!

Advanced Integrated Science (AIS) is a combination of physical, chemical, earth, and life sciences.  The class is designed to give students hands-on experience in science, and introduce students to study skills required for success in future science classes.  Students will uncover how the Earth works and how animals, including humans, fit into the Earth system. Students will gain a deeper appreciation of science and understand how science is part of every day life and decisions.

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